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Ciné Salon: Time Frozen
Ciné Salon Fall 2019 looks back to look forward.

MacArthur Fellows artist Josiah McElheny combines glass with other materials to create endless opportunities for looking and thinking. His marvelous sculpture Endlessly Repeating Twentieth Century Modernism at MFA Boston will initiate our dialogue on the mysteries of BLUE in art and cinema.

“The artist is known for sculpture that ingeniously imbues the “decorative” arts with deeper meaning” …that “teases out the significance that lies behind the ornamental surface of utilitarian objects.”—Charles Desmarais, San Francisco Chronicle

Josiah McElheny’s recent solo show “Observations at Night” runs from September 7 to October 19 at the James Cohan Gallery in New York and features McElheny’s sonic sculpture Moon Mirror as both an acoustic reflector and an open stage-like platform for performances, as part of an exhibition of optically dynamic paintings and sculptures inspired by cosmic revolutionary figures like Joe McPhee and Sun Ra Arkestra singer June Tyson.

Josiah McElheny combines his skills as an expert glassblower, which he honed for many years under the tutelage of European masters, with a playful approach to both the history of his medium and the history of ideas. His objects and installations, often based around historical events, seek to fuse materiality and thought in the experience of looking. Whether recreating miraculous glass objects pictured in Renaissance paintings or modernized versions of non-extant glassware from documentary photographs, McElheny’s work takes as its subject the object, idea, and social nexus of glass. Influenced by the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, McElheny’s work often takes the form of “historical fiction”—which he offers to the viewer to believe or not. Part of McElheny’s fascination with storytelling is that glassmaking is part of an oral tradition, handed down generation to generation, artisan to artisan.

Memory (2005) 12 min; Making a Projection Painting (2016) 3:54 min; The Past Was a Mirage I’d Left Behind (2011) 5:46 min; RoseHobart (1936) Joseph Cornell 19 min; The Light Club of Vizcaya: A Woman’s Picture (2012) Josiah McElheny 30 min; TRT: 70 mins.


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